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  Through the Nursery Window

"Through The Nursery Window"
Work based on the novel, "Peter Pan", by J.M. Barrie.

Mixed Media
26" x 35" Framed
21" x 28" Live Area

Awards: Golden Palette Award, Somerset County Artists Association Juried Art Exhibit 2006

Exhibited as part of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators "Every Story Tells a Picture: The Art of The Novel." Art Institute of Pittsburgh 2006.

"My children are adults now and as I meet the hectic demands of daily life such as work and deadlines, I realize that somehow I have allowed the "magic" to slip away. This piece is an attempt to reclaim it. I have Illustrated this magical boy, Peter Pan, looking through the nursery window inviting us all to fly away to lands forgotten. The pastel blues, golds, violets and pinks are the colors found in the dreams of children. This is a place found somewhere in our twilight, just between sleep and awake."

"Through the Nursery Window" was also exhibited in China along with other works from the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators. PSI was asked to be represented in an international illustration exhibition in Shenzhen, China. Images were printed and mounted, then shipped overseas. The exhibition was housed from May 15-21, 2007 in the respected Guanshanyue Art Museum in Shenzhen.
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