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  Reflections in Time

Mixed Media
28" x 32.5" Framed
22" x 26 Live Area
16" x 20" full color prints on Hahnemule archival paper available.

Awards: Honorable Mention, Somerset County Artists Association Juried Art Exhibit 2009

"Reflections in Time" was juried into the Senator John Heinz History Center, a Smithsonian affiliate in Pittsburgh PA as part of The Pittsburgh Society of Illustrator's Pittsburgh Recast Exhibit 11-07 to 10-08. The exhibit, a consortium of visual story tellers, celebrated PSI's 10th year and honored the city of Pittsburgh's 250th anniversary.

Quote from the PSI website:
"To recast is to mold again; to present in a new or different arrangement. Rooted in our industrial heritage, "recast" implies a new role, a new impression and a new direction. Pittsburgh Recast unfolds a visual narrative of transition and trajectory at a point where the city, steeped in history, is forging to redefine and reinvent itself. It explores the city's course and character as well as the intervening detours, shifting paradigms and overturned hierarchies that have inaugurated change. It considers the ghosts of the past and their impact on the momentum of progress."

My Story:
"One of my favorite memories and yearly anticipations in the City of Pittsburgh has always been the Kaufmann's, now Macy's Christmas windows. In this piece I pay tribute to this as one of the many joys in our great city.

My "Recast" piece recounts a story of transition from Kaufmann's to Macy's. The celebrated Kaufmann's clock stands today as a symbol of the past, so I have chosen that familiar corner at Fifth and Smithfield where this icon is located. As the snow slowly begins to fall both inside the windows and out, the Pittsburgh Christmas holiday season commences. The clock strikes midnight beginning another day..another time. A small girl looks into the window scene, perceiving both a mirror image of herself and the image of a small girl from half a century ago. The girl of the past is dressed in clothing of the generation, and is holding a doll. This doll is the Ginny doll released in the 1950's, the same decade I was born. The girl looking into the window is my beautiful niece Julianne, and she is holding a doll released in 2007. In the current Macy's windows, we can see a scene from the Nutcracker Ballet. The golden winding limbs of the trees indicate the flow of time, just as the famous clock does. It reflects the blending of yesterday and today. Part of the corner clock on the building blends directly into the larger clock joining Time. The Macy's star shines brightly on the window awning, indicating a new beginning to a beloved tradition in our great city."
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