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  Arnie's First

Arnold Palmer's First Golf Course Design Indian Lake Golf Club Indian Lake, Pennsylvania

Pastel Painting
Framed size 32"x40"
Artist's Private Collection

"Arnie's First" was exhibited at the Parade of Champions, a Pittsburgh 250 celebration and three-day fan festival at the Senator John Heinz History Center and Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, Pittsburgh, PA June 2008.

"The first regulation golf course Arnold Palmer designed is the Indian Lake Golf Club located at Indian Lake, Pennsylvania. This pastel painting is a tribute to Mr. Palmer and his design. The painting shows Mr. Palmer standing on number eleven of the present day course at Indian Lake. Originally number eleven was number one, the first hole he ever created.

It is a medium length par four that is down hill with a pond right of the green and a stream to the left. The pastel also shows the famous oak tree in the center of the fairway behind Mr. Palmer.

The slogan for the Indian Lake Golf Club is "Arnie's First" and that is the name of the painting."
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