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8.5" x 11" Promotional Piece
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 About Northern Sky Studios


 Judy Lee Emerick   Northern Sky Studios is a complete art and design studio located in the mountains of Pennsylvania, a place of peace and unique beauty.

This makes an ideal location for artistic thought and inspiration. Just a short drive to several major metropolitan areas, it is perfect for reaching out and serving clients.

Northern Sky Studios is owned and operated by Artist Judy L. Emerick.

"As a child it was clear to me that Art would be the direction I would take in my professional and personal life. From the moments I would sit sketching my siblings, or designing Christmas Cards at the kitchen table, it was never a question. My mother, when asked about my ability would pull the pages and bits of artwork she had saved out of a drawer. That was her way to showcase her love for me and my work. It was then that my ambition was confirmed.

Whether it be the in-depth study of a human face, a story expressed by an illustration, or a polished ad campaign, my deepest ambition is that each finished piece I create captures an emotion, nuance, or spark that brings a 'stop and look moment,' or a moment of recognition that speaks to the viewer.

Artistically and professionally, the inspiration and instruction that has most moved me comes from nationally-recognized artist Mr. Burton Silverman, with whom I have had the high honor and good fortune to study.

My personal inspiration, interest, understanding, and support of my journey for artistic growth and excellence come from my husband John, my daughter Lauren, and my son Aaron. Additionally, the support I get from my dearest friends always moves me.

Professional memberships include: The Portrait Society of America, The Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, and Laurel Arts of Somerset, Pennsylvania.

I am a two-time graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, with degrees in Visual Communications and Digital Design. Considering myself a perpetual student of life and constant observation, I continue to study and attend various workshops and informative sessions."