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Heirloom Portraits 

A professionally drawn heirloom portrait can be created for you to pass on from generation to generation, or give as a unique one of a kind gift.  Photos of special people, pets, homes, buildings, vacation memories or other treasured objects can be beautifully hand rendered in oil paint, pastel, pen and ink, colored or graphite pencil.

To order you must provide us with the following information:

1. Portrait size and if to be done in pencil, in color or black and white (no price difference).

Please email for oil and pastel prices.

For home/people combination portraits the home price becomes the base price and all heads are priced as extra subjects as indicated directly above.

2. Desired Mat color

For pencil portraits we provide a double mat. Typically a cream outer is used with a darker inner of hunter green, tan, black, mauve, blue, cranberry or other popular color.

3. At completion we will email a photo of the finished work in the form of a JPG. Upon approval and payment of balance your work will be shipped.

Thanks again for your inquiry!


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